How LDACS can drive the digital transformation of air traffic management


Wednesday 20 March

4:30pm - 4:55pm


Frequentis Theatre


Session Overview

As enabler for significant improvements of overall operational efficiency, the digital transformation of ATM is the foundation for sustainable growth in aviation. In this evolution, air-ground connectivity represents a significant bottleneck that can be resolved by using secure and reliable high-rate datalinks as described in the European ATM Master Plan.
LDACS is a high-throughput terrestrial datalink operating in the L-band and is an essential pillar for deploying the multilink architecture of the future safety-critical data communication to the aircraft. With its scalable, distributed and fully open technology, LDACS meets the operational safety requirements for ATM and ensures flexibility, security and global interoperability.
As the maturity of LDACS technology is progressing to advanced stages, representatives from ANSPs, Airlines, Service Providers and Industry will highlight the benefits of the LDACS datalink and discuss the next steps for the implementation in operational ATM systems.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM
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