Speaker Bio

Raphaël Eyrolle

Air France

Responsable - Pôle ATM-CNS/SESAR

Coming from the realm of airlines operations, I have dedicated more than 15 years to fulfill various roles, ranging from flight planning to managing operations associated with the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain. Subsequently, I contributed to the establishment of a Medium-Haul Flight Dispatch service and ultimately spearheaded the creation of an ATM coordination entity within the Air France OCC. This initiative aimed to forge a necessary link between our Airline Operation Center, our pilots, the ATC community, and the Network Manager.

Drawing upon my operational ATM experience, knowledge of certain facets of the European framework, fundamental insights into aircraft equipment derived from pilot training, and my background within Operational Control, I assumed the leadership role in 2020 for the development of the ATM-CNS strategy and the SESAR program at Air France operations. With the support of my team, I present the medium to long-term development strategy that will be implemented by Air France and contribute, within the European ecosystem, to the realization of the Digital European Sky.