Speaker Bio

Manuel García


Head of Communications Division

Manuel Garcia is an aeronautical engineer responsible of the Spanish Air Navigation (ENAIRE) Communications Division composed of 55 people. He has a large experience during 30 years in the Management of CNS/ATM Projects, mainly under the Communications domain.

He has had a very active participation in International Working Groups for the specification, development and edition of the requirements of new Communications Systems within the Aeronautical framework (ICAO, SESAR JU, Eurocontrol, EUROCAE, …), being the Spanish panel member in the ICAO CP/DCIWG (Data Communications Infrastructure Working Group) helping to develop the specifications of the new Air/Ground and Ground/Ground applications to be used by ATC services and definition of technical specifications, alignment with international standards (ICAO Annexes and ICAO documents (PANS and SARPS)).

Manuel is also involved in the following projects:

  • PENS (Pan-European Network Services) aiming at the provision and deployment of a common IP networking infrastructure to cover the connectivity requirements between ANSP’s, for NM and for EAD.
  • Team leader of ENAIRE’s project team involved in SESAR Communication Projects.
  • Chairman of the AEFMP (Algeria, Spain, France, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia) Regional Plan, performing the technical and operational coordination between the six countries for the homogeneous and harmonized development of their respective Air Navigation Systems.