Bringing the Industry Together

Airspace World is where the most influential people in both ATM and UTM, the decision-makers, innovators, ANSPs, regulators, investors, suppliers, technologists, and strategists come together to deliver our future skies.

Airspace World is 7,000+ industry professionals, networking and collaborating in the drive towards a sustainable, equitable, global sky.

Across hours of content in our five theatres, Airspace World is where our industry will share its ideas, technologies, strategies, hopes, challenges, experiences, best practices, and case-studies with a vast audience of ATM and UTM specialists.

The largest Airspace event in the world

90%+ of world air traffic supported

20,000 CANSO members to connect with

The world’s media will be here

The entire ATM value chain present

1,500+ C-Level execs present

Find out how you, and your organisation, can help to build resilient, safe and sustainable airspace.

Be part of the debate and critical discussions in our five theatres. 

Addressing the most important issues

1. Innovation and digital transformation in ATM

Find out about the latest advancements in technology and digital solutions shaping the future of Air Traffic Management. Hear about the innovative strategies to enhance performance in airspace operations, and discuss how automation, AI, and other technologies are revolutionising ATM for increased efficiency, safety, and capacity.

2. Reimagining ATM Operations

Come and find out how the ATM landscape is evolving towards advanced concepts and procedures. See the new approaches to airspace design, route optimisation, airspace classification and dynamic airspace management. Discuss with our speakers’ concepts such as trajectory-based operations, free route airspace, and collaborative decision-making and find out how they are driving the evolution of more efficient and flexible ATM operations.

3. Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Join our panellists as we explore the evolving landscape of Advanced Air Mobility and its integration into our skies. Find out more about, and discuss, the technical developments, challenges, opportunities, and regulatory frameworks needed to enable seamless regional and urban air mobility.

4. Turning the Skies Green

Find out more about how the aviation industry is contributing to global climate goals through innovative practices and operational efficiency. Explore the sustainable strategies your organisation can develop for reducing emissions and minimising the environmental impact of air traffic.

5. Strengthening Resilience in ATM

Building resilience to disruptions and unforeseen events in Air Traffic Management is more important than ever. In our theatres we explore the strategies needed to maintain operational performance, minimise downtime, and swiftly recover from disruptions.

6. Global safety and security

In an increasingly connected and digitalised world, the safety and security of our systems are more important than ever. Join the debate as we address the critical components of safety and security in air traffic management. Examine the global collaborations, technologies, and best practices that enhance safety measures and ensure secure airspace operations.

7. Fostering a Thriving Aviation community

Build a cohesive aviation community and forge partnerships to promote STEM education among diverse candidates. Enhance recruitment, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Anticipate future skill needs and define career paths.

8. Unleashing the Potential of Drones

Perhaps more than anything else, the rise of drones in our managed airspace will be the most significant change in ATM since the development of civil aviation.

At Airspace World, explore the opportunities and challenges of integrating drones into today’s airspace, and discuss their applications, regulations, safety, and technology for a harmonious coexistence with manned aircraft.