Air Defender 23 – A Success of Civil and Military Aviation Community Collaboration


Wednesday 20 March

2:00pm - 2:25pm


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

Air Defender 23, the largest deployment exercise in NATO’s history, brought together 10,000 participants from 25 nations, navigating 220 aircraft through European airspace. This presentation will give a spotlight on the unparalleled coordination between military and civil aviation and how DFS as an integral air navigation service provider orchestrated the harmonious use of airspace during this exercise. As a key player, DFS not only guided civil traffic around military training areas but also provided essential services for and with military air traffic. To minimise delays and optimise capacity meticulous planning and transparent communication was employed. Find out what made Air Defender 23 a blueprint for seamless cooperation on civil and military level in the broader aviation landscape.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

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Strengthening Resilience in ATM
Global Safety and Security
Fostering a Thriving Aviation Community