UAS solutions transforming airport inspections


Wednesday 20 March

12:00pm - 12:25pm


Wing Theatre


Session Overview

Since 2017, Techno Sky, as a UAS operator, has been increasingly employing drones for the inspection of Navigational Aids Systems and airport infrastructures in synergy with local ANSP and CAA (ENAC). Currently, the Techno Sky fleet is deployed at various Italian airports to perform ILS ground checks in accordance with ICAO prescriptions, using a solution validated by ENAC in 2020. Additionally, the company has conducted a series of Proof of Concept activities dedicated to inspecting airport infrastructures, such as runway and taxiway lights, perimeter fencing, and obstacle lights.
These activities, conducted in BVLOS in the Specific Category, have been authorized by the CAA through the issuance of dedicated Generic authorizations. The Company has planned to extend these activities to a greater number of Italian airports during 2024 and the coming years, leveraging on the high potential and increased sustainability provided by UAS solutions and paving the way for new business cases.

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