Traffic Flow Optimization based on CO2 & non CO2


Thursday 21 March

12:00pm - 12:25pm


Boeing Theatre


Session Overview

ATC plays a major role in the reduction of the climate impact of aviation.
This role is naturally intended to increase as the complexity of traffic, CO2 emissions targets & understanding of non-CO2 effects evolve and the need for new trade-offs emerge.
This session will introduce how THALES, BOREALIS ALLIANCE (gathering 9x ANSPs) and other stakeholders collaborate together to develop an innovative Traffic Flow Optimization solution that enables ATC stakeholders to operate Green Capacity trade-off thanks to a technology that (i) Estimate (ii) Detect and (iii) mitigate CO2 and non-CO2 impacts at traffic flow level, with the ambition to make eco-friendly trajectories a well-automated, everyday task.

Session Speakers

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Boeing Theatre
Greening the Skies