The Quest for Ever Safer Aviation (EASA 2)


Thursday 21 March

10:30am - 10:55am


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

EASA plays a key role at the heart of the European aviation system and the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) particularly, provides a framework for data-driven safety improvement across Europe and beyond. However, it is front-line operational stakeholders who deliver safe and effective operations every day. In a world where organisations are challenged to balance safety, efficiency and sustainability, do the different actors understand their own, and each others’ role, in this important task. The EPAS is a management system for Europe, connecting National Level Safety Plans to Management Systems of organisations. Do we have the tools and safety data we need for effective risk-based decision making as part of our integrated management systems that can ensure we focus our resources in the right places. Thus ensuring we have solid safety foundations to cope with a rapidly changing world.

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