Speaker Bio

Giovanni Russo

Geneva Airport

Director of Operations

Giovanni, Geneva Airport’s COO, brings over 30 years of comprehensive experience in civil and military aviation to his role. As a trained aviation professional holding both a scientific background and an MBA, he commenced his career in the Swiss Airforce, retiring in 2021 as a militia officer. Giovanni’s journey includes successful training as an air traffic controller and concurrent studies in mathematics and computer science while actively managing air traffic in Geneva and Zurich.

Further enhancing his knowledge, Giovanni pursued an aviation MBA at Concordia University (Montréal). He progressed through various management roles at Skyguide, a key air navigation service provider, before assuming the position of Head of Planning & Engineering at Zurich Airport in 2008. Since 2017, Giovanni serves as the COO of Geneva Airport, marking a significant chapter in his distinguished career.

Notably, Giovanni represents ACI Europe in the Network Management Board, showcasing his industry influence. His prior membership in the SESAR Administrative Board underscores his commitment to shaping aviation policies and standards. Overall, Giovanni’s wealth of experience, coupled with strategic leadership, positions him as a key figure in the aviation sector, particularly in the operational and management realms.