Enabling the perfect descent: the SESAR project DYN-MARS


Tuesday 19 March

4:00pm - 4:25pm


Boeing Theatre


Session Overview

The presentation will introduce the SESAR project DYN-MARS (Dynamic Management of Aircraft Configuration and Route Structures), an industrial research project in which a consortium consisting of DLR, NRL, NATS, Thales, Empa, Swiss Airlines and SkyLab is developing solutions for optimised descent and approaches. For a single flight, it is already possible to perform a descent in such a way that the engines remain idle throughout the descent. In a complex ATM environment, however, this is a major challenge. For the first time, this project seeks to develop a holistic solution, combining aircraft-side optimisation systems with ground-based ATC tools and improved procedures. Novel avionics functions for aircraft energy management, linked via data communication systems with improved approach route structures and procedures, will enable more efficient approach profiles that reduce fuel and noise emissions while maintaining high runway throughput without compromising safety. The many pieces of the puzzle required to achieve this ambitious goal are discussed in detail.

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Reimagining ATM Operations
Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM