ATC and You: Integrating the Workforce into Tomorrow’s Vision


Wednesday 20 March

1:00pm - 1:50pm


Future Skies Theatre


Session Overview

What is the role of the air traffic controller workforce in CANSO’s Vision of the Skies 2045 plan? This panel seeks to address that and other questions.

The plan has resulted from the work of the Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council, a forum of industry bodies, which believes that a shared blueprint and joint action are vital to make sure that future skies are efficient, clean and safe and can generate
global economic prosperity and social welfare.

CANSO asks us to imagine the airspace of 2045 – maximised to its fullest potential as a global resource; a unified, optimised, sustainable and safe environment where people and goods move effortlessly in a mix of manned and unmanned vehicles; a smart and connected
network that is resilient and scalable; a healthy and competitive marketplace with a proud culture of innovation and agility; and an industry that is thriving with a new generation of highly skilled talent.

The Alliance believes strongly that the frontline workforce is vital to any plan or vision moving forward. But how does this vision include OUR MEMBERS, and what is the vision on how the future will look for the workforce? OUR most important mission IS INCLUSION AND COLLABORATION IN THE DELIVERY OF THE PLAN

CANSO’s VIEW IS THAT over the next two decades, extensive and collective changes must be made to make this vision a reality.

This panel will explore these issues and also look at regional complexities, THE POSSIBILITIES OF ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ SOLUTIONS and determining how we factor in the flexibility that is needed across the globe to maximize the efficiencies of the area/region at hand.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

Future Skies Theatre
Strengthening Resilience in ATM
Reimagining ATM Operations
Fostering a Thriving Aviation Community