Unlocking Value by Unlocking Airspace: Dynamic Airspace Sharing for ANSPs, Militaries, and Air Carriers


Tuesday 19 March

1:30pm - 1:55pm


Boeing Theatre


Session Overview

Airspace Data is building and deploying tech to automate and secure real-time airspace-status sharing between military operators and ANSPs. Its approach to Dynamic Airspace Sharing is sustained engagement with all stakeholders, primarily frontline range commanders, controllers, and dispatchers. The company’s tools support filing and flying through special-use airspace, and enhanced military access when needed to fulfill training and readiness goals. Material reductions in flight times, operating expenses, and CO2 emissions will be achieved. The company launched a proof of concept with two major U.S. airlines in June 2023; to date more than 1250 flights have been successfully completed, saving more than 750,000 pounds of CO2. The briefing will be provided by Justin P. Oberman, CEO & Co-Founder, who has more than 25 years of industry experience including as a co-founder of TSA after 9/11 where he worked closely with all key stakeholders.

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Subject Areas

Boeing Theatre
Greening the Skies
Reimagining ATM Operations
Fostering a Thriving Aviation Community
Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM