Tuesday 19 March

3:30pm - 5:15pm


SESAR Walking Tours


Session Overview

ATM is an ideal candidate for greater automation and augmentation through AI. With their repetitive procedures generating huge amounts of data, aviation and ATM can make use of AI and higher levels of automation to improve the efficiency of their operations in many ways and allow human operators to focus on safety-critical tasks. This tour will present a flavour of the operational use cases where artificial intelligence applications are being trialled through research and innovation, as well as some of the challenges facing acceptance and implementation of this promising technology.

Showcases included in this Walking Tour are:

  • Finding zen in the control room, Christophe Hurter, ENAC
  • Getting AI-head of the weather, Aniel Jardines, AI Methods
  • Digital assistants: Smells like team spirit, Gianluca Marrazzo, Leonardo
  • Certifying the future of ATM, Mohsan Jameel, DLR
  • AI evolution in cockpit, Pavel Kolcarek, Honeywell

Please note that registration to the tours is not necessary, participation will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.
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Session Speakers

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SESAR Walking Tours