Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility


Tuesday 19 March

4:00pm - 4:25pm


Wing Theatre


Session Overview

Technological innovations are radically changing the world of aviation, making possible new ways of moving goods and people in urban areas and beyond. These new forms of mobility, grouped under the name Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), are moving in the direction of the third dimension and digitalisation and are made possible by the development of a range of innovative means of transport, a complex ecosystem of infrastructures, airspace design, regulatory framework and services.
The synergy of these enabling factors through collaboration with ATM, could open up new types of operations, accelerating the regulatory framework evolution: a virtuous circle of synergies between ecosystems to foster the integration of new users and vehicles.
As a global player in the sector, Leonardo has long directed the evolution of its technologies, combining expertise in aeronautics, ATM, U-Space and CNS infrastructure to enable the development of new services, that exploit the potential benefits of AAM and make cities more functional, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The speech will describe the central role of infrastructures in the design of the AAM framework and Leonardo’s main experimental activities in this context.

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Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility