New Space-based Surveillance solution


Tuesday 19 March

11:30am - 11:55am


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

The EURIALO-ESA funded project targets to support and facilitate the provision of satellite-based solutions for ATM. This novel European satellite-based surveillance system named Eurialo will have the mission to provide complementary ATM surveillance services on a global basis, and independently from other systems (EG: GNSS; ADS-B).

EURIALO intends to design and demonstrate the viability of a novel system that uses a satellite constellation to track aircraft by determining their exact position based on different times of arrivals of radio frequency (RF) signals, a technology known in the aviation industry as multilateration (MLAT). The project covers the validation of critical satellite-based technologies relevant to ATM surveillance with an in-orbit demonstrator covering target service areas and a preliminary assessment of key performances for the end-to-end system including ground ATM elements.

Today, tracking systems rely on self-reported positions of aircraft, which are derived from GNSS satellites. The need for an additional complementary space solution will provide a fully reliable and resilient surveillance solution completing the European CNS infrastructure. By independently verifying the location of a plane through geolocation MLAT technology, the EURIALO project will provide the most advanced and reliable system for aircraft surveillance, with the ability to track a plane in real time from takeoff to landing anywhere in the world

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