Modernizing CNS Infrastructure through an End-to-End Managed Service


Tuesday 19 March

1:00pm - 1:25pm


Boeing Theatre


Session Overview

ANSPs today face increasing pressures to deliver safety alongside the need to tackle capacity constraints, increase efficiency, and prevent delays, while addressing climate change through reduced CO2 emissions. With passengers and airlines expecting better services, ANSPs need new business models to overcome these pressures and allow them to migrate from a traditional operator model to a more “service provider” model.

This new model to procure and accelerate ATM CNS modernization is now being adopted by several large ANSPs. The model addresses the funding gaps, provides required skills / knowledge transfer and brings several other benefits such as enabling the ANSP to focus on its core business of providing safety and efficiencies to its users. This model is often referred to as a managed CNS services model.

This session explores the challenges and benefits of moving to a managed services model.

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Boeing Theatre
Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM