How Generative AI and Large Language Model Processing can sustain Aviation resilience and security


Tuesday 19 March

1:30pm - 1:55pm


Future Skies Theatre


Session Overview

AI is since years one of the enablers in several areas in aviation. Generative AI and more specifically LLM (Large Language Model) techniques are proofing already that they can support the domain in several areas:

  • Communication : improving efficiency and clarity of communication between operators ‘pilots, air traffic controllers, support teams,…) and avoid human mistakes due to misleading exchanges.
  • Automation : allowing operators to focus on critical tasks related to safety while reports and paperwork is fully automated
  • Decision : faster decision-making aids in times of crisis or moment where decision is needed to be made quickly (pandemics, weather hazards, unexpected events)
  • Prediction : models can help predict, learn very largely, and allow avoiding disruptions and congestions thanks to proactive measuring
  • Regulatory : supporting the analysis and comparison of huge amounts of proofs, assessments, requirements, documentation will allow avoiding gaps and anticipating their mitigation and impact.

This is ongoing or is promising for the future, today and concretely we would like to bring some concrete results around how LLM can be relevant, beneficial, concretely implemented to increase cybersecurity level and reduce failures for aviation stakeholders.

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