Greening the Skies: From Free Route to Flight Path Optimization using Artificial Intelligence


Wednesday 20 March

11:30am - 11:55am


Boeing Theatre


Session Overview

One of the primary benefits of the Flight Path Optimization (FPO) is to increase the fuel efficiency by reducing the overall flight time and maintaining as much as possible a constant aircraft attitude as per CCO and CDO concepts.
At the same time, this leads to increase the air space overall capacity and reduce congestion in terms of traffic flows (ref to FRA, SUA), TMA and airport operations (ref to DBS, TBS). Leonardo has been a pioneer in deploying Free Route Solutions in Europe and recently deployed a successful Arrival Spacing Tool solution in Qatar and realizes that traditional flight planning methods often relay on predetermined routes which might not take into account real-time weather condition, specific air space contingencies scenarios or other factors that can impact on fuel consumption. For this reasons, Leonardo is currently developing application of Artificial Intelligence on FPO with University collaboration, considering the large amount of data to be collected and analysed in a real time scenario.
FPO has not only a strong impact on fuel but also can improve flight punctuality, analysis of historical data and real time information will lead to early identification of potential delays and relevant flights rerouting.
AI algorithms applied to FPO can continuously monitoring various factors such as weather, air traffic congestion, and also lead to enhance safety by alerting Pilots or ATCOs if potential risks are detected.

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