From paperwork to Flawless Internal Organisation – A successful transformation story for an ATC authority – ROMATSA & Adservio for Aviation


Tuesday 19 March

3:00pm - 3:25pm


Frequentis Theatre


Session Overview

In the fast-paced environment of air traffic control management, authorities have a difficult task: to make sure all the teams have easier access to the appropriate digital tools for certifications, such as courses with testing, retraining courses.

Our session concerns representatives of civil air traffic control authorities that aim to:

Apply digital management of all the required certifications: medical documents, linguistic competences, assessments etc

Improve collaboration between supervisors, training managers and evaluators

Enhance teams’ management and easily keep track of their progress

Better organise multilevel library for regulations, procedures, courses

Florin Tudosa, Air Traffic Controller, Instructor, Administrator of Learning Management System LMS in ROMATSA, will present the process of digitalization of an ATC authority from using paperwork to the automations brought by a dedicated platform. Florin was directly involved in the transformation process of the organization and will advise on the benefits of implementing a digital platform to manage competence in aviation, with real examples from their experience with Adservio.

Success story in short

ROMATSA has a history of over 25 years in Romania, founded in 1991 by the Romanian Transport Ministry. For air traffic services provided to civil aircraft flying over Romania’s airspace, the Autonomous Region ROMATSA applies the provisions of the EUROCONTROL regulations.

Part of the authority’s big responsibility in the air traffic control is the management of the certification process of ATCs. This includes defining teams, classes, admins and instructors, creation of courses and access to materials for the progression assessment, tracking of documentation that justifies ATC’s performance and capabilities.

For many years, ROMATSA used physical documents and archives to attest their knowledge and professional development. That meant lots of working hours lost for bureaucratic tasks, difficult tracking of documents, poor overview of the whole process.

Once they became aware of the need to digitize and also keep track of the documentation process, Adservio stepped in with a custom-made solution aimed to answer their main needs.

The task was very ambitious: less paperwork, flawless internal staff organization, high accessibility, certifications schedule, expiry notifications, an online source library with access to all data, clear status of the processes, data security and safety. After 2 years of intense work, with constant feedback from ROMATSA, the Adservio team delivered in 2021 the first version of the platform. After 2 more years of constant updates, Adservio for Aviation is a complete, proven platform that successfully addresses all the requirements of modern air traffic control training certification.

Adservio for Aviation – Key Benefits

1.Complete customisation
Adservio for Aviation is a highly customisable platform, suitable for all certification scenarios, internal processes and international courses and qualifications.

2.Easy to implement & use in any organization
The platform is developed for easy implementation in any aviation organization. Adservio for Aviation offers an excellent user experience and trainings for all teams to extract the maximum benefits from the platform.

3.Data security
Adservio for Aviation guarantees full data protection in a safe environment.

4.Less paperwork
All data is stored digitally, in a safe and secure environment. 80% of paper documents are reduced.

5.Flawless Internal Organisation
All instructors and managers get real time information about their team’s progress and performance

6.Certification and document management
Each instructor or supervisor can upload and manage their own documents is a local online library, and share it with the involved parties

7.High accessibility
The share of documents is multidirectional – different people from various departments could be part of the share group.

8.Higher performance
At the end of the year, the organization only needs to print and sign the requested documents from the national authority

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