Enabling TBO: SWIM Technology and Applications


Wednesday 20 March

4:00pm - 4:25pm


Future Skies Theatre


Session Overview

Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) is a global concept that aims to improve the efficiency and safety of air traffic management by sharing and using four-dimensional trajectories. TBO enables Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) among all the ATM stakeholders (including Aircrafts) with the aim to optimizing flows, increasing Capacity/Demand balancing and network predictability, while reducing delays and emissions. The full achievement of TB Operations is a complex endeavour involving most of the ATM players through a synchronised, progressive and homogenous deployment of new procedures supported by innovative technologies, systems and standards,
A key enabler of TBO is SWIM (System-Wide Information Management): a technology designed to support a secure, flexible, interoperable and service-oriented sharing of ATM system information (airport operational status, weather information, flight data, and airspace status).
The speech will provide an overview of the SWIM technology developed in Leonardo with focus on different concrete applications in TBO such as: OLDI over SWIM, Air/Ground data exchange, Civil military coordination and FF-ICE processes; exploring how seamless information sharing will be the key driver towards a more predictable, efficient and sustainable ATM.
These themes are the result of years of research on the interoperability in ATM through a constant and successful participation of Leonardo in multiple SESAR projects for the validation of the most innovative concepts and technologies, as well as being actively involved in the main standardisation groups.

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