Drone Corridors – From Segregation to Integration


Tuesday 19 March

10:00am - 10:25am


Wing Theatre


Session Overview

The presentation will discuss the possibilities for integrated airspace operations with drone corridors. Beginning with the the evolution of regulations and standards for Aeronautical Information Services (AIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), and Communication Navigation & Surveillance (CNS), the topic will cover aspects like separation, safety, and airspace management.

Regulations stipulate that each airspace defines minimum communication standards (C2 and Data Communications), navigation accuracy (TSO GPS, INS, and Containment Areas), and surveillance requirements (Cooperative and Non-Cooperative DAA). The presentation will introduces the concept of a drone corridor as a new type of airspace that redefines CNS and ATM requirements to seamlessly integrate all users, whether piloted or remotely managed.

The core questions for a drone corridor will be discussed:

  1. Control – Ensuring all users can control their aircraft and respond to tactical instructions.

  2. Navigation – Ensuring participants are accurately located.

  3. Safety – Verifying conformance of all users and allowing for intervention, both air-to-air and air-to-ground, to maintain safety.

with overarching goal to influence a regulatory framework that facilitates the integration of diverse airspace users, fostering a balance between accessibility and safety in the evolving landscape of aviation.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

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Strengthening Resilience in ATM
Reimagining ATM Operations
Global Safety and Security
Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility
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