Drone-Based CNS Measurements for Enabling New Possibilities


Wednesday 20 March

11:30am - 11:55am


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

Skyguide and Intersoft Electronics have developed the CNS Drone SkyRF®, a drone-based CNS measurement system that addresses the challenges of CNS performance analysis and certification.

CNS Drone SkyRF® can measure CNS system parameters in a single 10-minute flight, and can even combine the measurement of different CNS, like ILS (GP + LOC) and DME. Traditional test flights cannot compete with the repeatability of SkyRF®’s pre-programmed trajectories. The drone doesn’t replace the aircraft (yet!), but complements existing ground measurements by reducing ground clutter as it flies at altitude.

As a result, the correlation between SkyRF® (i.e. ground measurements) and test flights is very good, and test flights can be reduced to one campaign per year. This can reduce aircraft hours cost, CO₂ emissions and noise pollution by 50% or more!

During this session, Hervé Demule, Navigation Engineer at Skyguide,, and Domien De Ruyck, Managing Director Intersoft Services, will explain exactly how SkyRF® can be deployed and what the operational and financial benefits are for air navigation service providers, airports and military CNS users are.

The presentation will be accompanied by a demonstration of SkyRF®’s capabilities at nearby Geneva Airport.

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