Digital Transformation: How to leverage IP benefits in ATC


Wednesday 20 March

12:00pm - 12:25pm


Future Skies Theatre


Session Overview

Transformation is now. ANSPs all over the world are obligated to strategize and plan adapting digital technology. Their goal is to become ready for more flexibility and efficiency through innovative solutions, including virtual centers, digital remote towers and cross-border air traffic control.
Rohde & Schwarz has successfully supported many ANSPs on the journey to more operational flexibility. This lecture will share valuable insights gained from a decade of practical experiences. Typical transformation challenges will also be discussed. Examples from real project implementation illustrate how these challenges can be overcome and how the advantages of the internet protocol suite can be used.
Based on these findings, Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its product portfolio with innovative features that not only support VoIP migration, but at the same time also comply to future ATM requirements around digitization and automation.

What challenges facing our industry are you addressing?
The presentation addresses concrete near-term solutions to allow ANSPs to use ATCO resources more flexibly and less location-dependent.

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Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM