Airport digitisation is the true ‘digital tower’ revolution


Wednesday 20 March

11:00am - 11:25am


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

Airport digitisation is the true ‘digital tower’ revolution

When an airport operation is reliant on visual, ‘analogue’ data, that is data that cannot be accessed, analysed, shared, augmented or enhanced. In short, it can’t be harnessed to improve the operation. That’s where NATS and Searidge Technologies are trying to shift the paradigm with digital towers and the technology platform that underpins them.

Once you have digitised the ‘out of the window’ view, you can really start to make a difference and not just in the tower but across the entire airport operation. That visual data can be used to create all manner of tools that can transform airport performance. Together with Searidge Technologies, we’ve been developing several that are now live and in use at airports around the world.

Everything from stand plan optimisation, hold line surveillance, traffic light automation, CDM integration and even a fully digital Airport Performance Operation Cell are now deliverable on The Airport Platform, underpinned by AIMEE, the advanced AI engine. This is only possible when you turn that visual data from analogue to digital and it is the true game-changer when it comes to airport digitisation and performance.

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