Aeronautical Information Unveiled: Exploring the Horizon with CP1 Insights


Tuesday 19 March

2:00pm - 2:25pm


Frequentis Theatre


Session Overview

This presentation illuminates the realm of Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) through the lens of CP1 insights, offering a comprehensive exploration of the synergies between cutting-edge technology and aviation data governance. We unravel the intricate landscape of AIM, emphasizing the transformative impact of CP1 on data accuracy, accessibility, and interoperability in the context of SWIM. From streamlined communication protocols to enhanced situational awareness, CP1’s role in optimizing aeronautical information workflows is pivotal. Join us as we navigate through the horizon of AIM, where CP1 requirements will redefine the standards, fostering a future of efficient, secure, and seamlessly managed aeronautical information.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

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Reimagining ATM Operations
Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM