A Transformational Weather Standard for Advanced Air Mobility


Wednesday 20 March

4:00pm - 4:25pm


Wing Theatre


Session Overview

This presentation will discuss the most transformational change in aviation weather data since Doppler Weather Radar technology in the early 1990s. The weather risk and economics of uncrewed last mile, middle mile and air taxi drone and e-VTOL operations will depend on notable improvements in the precision and certainty of weather and winds. The rules about what constitutes an “approved” aviation weather reports were designed in the mid-20th century…for good reasons. Today, weather sensor technology is more reliable and commoditized. However, advanced, cost-effective sensors face adoption hurdles within the current system. ASTM, along with government entities and industry recognize the need for higher density weather measurements to reduce uncertainty to enable scalable and efficient drone and air taxi operations. In response to the industry need and the availability of advanced technology and weather processing and communication systems, ASTM has accelerated weather measurements in high density operational environments by five or more years. It will stimulate healthy market-based competition to increase the refresh cycle of the technology to ensure minimum performance requirements for weather reports and analyses. The specification, closely coordinated with government and industry stakeholders, will accelerate delivery of highly precise micro-weather for autonomous air and air taxi transportation systems.

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