SeRo Systems awarded EUROCONTROL contract for1030/1090 MHz data collection service

  • Follow-on to original contract awarded in 2020.
  • EMIT platform provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis services

SeRo Systems, a leader in air traffic surveillance security and monitoring solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a 5-year follow-on contract for spectrum monitoring services from EUROCONTROL, the civil-military organization dedicated to supporting European aviation.

Under this contract, SeRo will continue to provide real-time datacollection and processing services, including host/data collection, preprocessing and a user interface, for the European Monitoring of Interrogators and Transponders (EMIT) platform. Developed bySeRo in 2020, EMIT provides comprehensive monitoring services, collects and manages the vast amount of data from the Europe-wide ground network of 1030/1090 MHz receivers, and combines the data feeds into a single feed. The system also processes the data, enabling automated detection and analysis of surveillance anomalies.

“We are honored to extend our partnership with EUROCONTROL to continue delivering critical spectrum monitoring services that enhance airspace safety and efficiency,” said Dr. Matthias Schäfer, managing director of SeRo Systems. “This contract leverages SeRo’s decade of experience in Big Data, high TRL surveillance data collection, and processing architecture, to help detect and analyze threats, including spectrum congestion or equipment malfunction. SeRo is committed to developing solutions that make air surveillance more secure and robust for stakeholders in Europe and around the world.”

“This system and SeRo have been an important part of our efforts to uphold the integrity of the CNS infrastructure and reduce spectrum congestion in our airspace,” added Petr Jonáš, EUROCONTROL ATM/CNS Expert. “Since 2020, EMIT has helped the European air traffic surveillance community not only monitor and manage frequency congestion but also detect and investigate incidents as well as avionics, transponder, and ground radar issues.”

Since its launch, EMIT has collected an impressive 3.15 trillion signals and boasts a growth rate of nearly 5 billion signals per day. Its capabilities include processing 90,000 signals per second during peak traffic hours, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and automated detection of anomalies within the European surveillance infrastructure. SeRo’s proprietary deduplication algorithm ensures precise data analysis, while features such as online analysis, data archiving, and sensor operations monitoring enhance the system’s effectiveness and usability.