MicroStep-MIS to showcase its latest technology in monitoring

MicroStep-MIS is thrilled to showcase the company’s latest technological advancements in the area of aviation meteorology at stand no. M10 of Airspace World 2024. As a certified air navigation service provider by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of systems for civil and military airports.

MicroStep-MIS’ aviation systems are ICAO and WMO compliant, scalable to ICAO CAT III, and adaptable to various climates worldwide. The company prioritises customisation, tailoring each system to their clients’ needs. The company’s presence at Airspace World emphasises the unique blend of technological innovation and comprehensive integration – providing meteorological solutions from A to Z.

The centerpiece of the company’s showcase is the IMS4 integrated monitoring system. Developed since 1993, IMS4 ensures nonstop operation with hundreds of installations in more than 80 countries all over the world. Visitors of the stand no. M10 can also physically explore the Portable Automatic Weather Station, equipped with a wide set of sensors and two from the series of AMS data loggers for comprehensive data collection.

However, the most invaluable aspect of the company’s presence at the expo will be the MicroStep-MIS specialists, who will be available throughout the three days of the event. The team of MicroStep-MIS aviation weather experts is eager to welcome visitors to the stand, engage in meaningful discussions, and address any inquiries or needs.

MicroStep’s latest technology

Introducing Remote Observer, the groundbreaking system set to revolutionise airport observation technology. The system boasts innovative features designed to enhance meteorological observations and ensure operational safety in any weather condition.

One of the standout features of Remote Observer is the air umbrella system, developed by the team of MicroStep-MIS hardware specialists. The technology shields camera lenses from raindrops, enabling seamless operation even during inclement weather conditions prevalent in various regions.

Remote Observer comprises two camera systems: AeroCloud and AeroVis. AeroVis offers a panoramic 360° view by merging imagery from multiple cameras, allowing observers to assess visibility with unparalleled accuracy. This immersive perspective transforms weather monitoring, enhancing safety and efficiency in airport operations.

Complementing AeroVis, the AeroCloud system captures dome-shaped sky images using visual and infrared cameras. The infrared camera’s prowess in cloud cover detection, even during night operations, provides valuable insights into prevailing weather conditions, contributing to safer air traffic management.

Moreover, Remote Observer offers enhanced observer management, allowing year-round airports to monitor multiple locations simultaneously, optimising resources without compromising safety. With stored data available for weeks to months, Remote Observer serves as a valuable resource for weather analysis and observer training.

The system’s affordability and flexibility make it an ideal solution for modern airports. By offering a panoramic view akin to observation towers without the hefty construction costs, Remote Observer enhances the observer’s workplace experience, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Furthermore, it enables uninterrupted observation anytime, anywhere, empowering observers to monitor runway operations remotely, ensuring operational safety under any circumstances.