KEYVAN AVIATION is transforming aviation data usage toward a more sustainable and climate-neutral future.

KEYVAN Aviation offers new and innovative solution “Airport Performance Measurement & Management Tools”. (APMMT) is a new project developed by the experienced Keyvan’ s Team to assist airports and authority decision makers in managing airport procedures such as SID (Standard Instrument Departure) and Approach usage and effectiveness performance, as well as ground movement performance and time table including runways, taxiways, and gates usage, and occupation monitoring

The project’s main goal is to assist decision-makers in creating and implementing better airport procedures and ground movement scenarios to assist airlines and operators in reducing waiting time on the ground or in the air by reducing operation time, thereby lowering both operational costs and carbon emissions. Using the most efficient approach procedure and the closest runway to the best potential gate will undoubtedly reduce the time, cost, and CO2 emissions from the airways to the gate. The system is designed to capture and monitor all arrivals from entering any Approach procedure (exiting from Airways) up to Gate parking and from Gate Parking to the first Airways point by capturing and monitoring the used SID procedure.

APMMT is a KEYVAN Aviation innovation program that aims to transform aviation data usage toward a more sustainable and climate-neutral future. Bringing together different data formats and the team’s capability, as well as developing cutting-edge technologies, and making these available for a transformational leap in aircraft performance in the 2030s, and paving the way to the EU’s ambition of climate neutrality by 2050. KEYVAN Aviation, as an aviation company, pushes aeronautical science beyond the limits of imagination by developing new software and technologies that will significantly reduce operating costs and save more time for operators and passengers, as well as reduce aviation’s environmental impact, allowing future generations to enjoy the social and economic benefits of air travel and growing the aviation industry.

KEYVAN Aviation is an EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Type 1 DAT provider certified company, offering Aeronautical and Navigation Database in ARINC 424 standard for civil and military usage, including global coverage collected from 195 countries around the world and updated every 28 days in accordance with AIRAC standards. The data is processed and analysed in accordance with RTCA DO-200B, DO-201, and EUROCAE ED-76A and ED-77, and all required quality controls are implemented with the highest level of assurance. We invite all interested parties to contact our special solutions desk for more detailed information and a dedicated proposal tailored to their specific needs via email at