IACIT confirms presence at Airspace World in Geneva

Brazilian industry will showcase investment in the development and enhancement of new technologies to ensure safer flights.

IACIT we will be present at Airspace World 2024 at booth K08, where it will present its comprehensive portfolio of high-tech solutions and services, consolidated over more than 37 years of experience in this sector. Among the highlights are the RMT 0200 Weather Radar, developed for detecting meteorological phenomena over long distances, and the DME 0200 (Distance Measuring Equipment), a Brazilian equipment that supports spatial location in air navigation and Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), offering as a backup for GPS navigation.

Furthermore, the DRONEBLOCKER will be showcased, a system of electronical countermeasure system to detect and block the presence of drones at airports. IACIT actively positions itself in seeking solutions to overcome this problem that affects aviation security, and has been pursuing the best solutions to combat these and other threats that make appear, presenting comprehensive systems for sensing, situational awareness, and blocking against unauthorised drone incursions.

The event will be also an opportunity for IACIT to present the GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System), which offers differential corrections and integrity monitoring of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), allowing navigation procedures and for precise airport approach, providing better support for system operators to have accurate information. The system also allows noise reduction, flight time and fuel savings, and more efficient routes, enabling new routes more quickly, with just the system configuration.

Bruno Vicente, Executive of International Sales at IACIT, is excited about the company’s participation in Airspace World 2024, highlighting it as the premier global event for booth manned and unmanned airspace management, where innovators and technology owners come together to discuss the future of the sector.