FREQUENTIS boosts aviation audio quality with AI enhancement

  • Control towers and centres set to benefit from a new generation of voice quality
  • AI-based audio enhancement from Danish company, Augmented Hearing, to improve speech in noisy environments

Frequentis and its cooperation partner, Augmented Hearing, based in Denmark, have been working together to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) based audio enhancement suitable for the aviation industry.

“In pursuit of future-ready safety critical communications Frequentis plans to establish a new stage of effortless controller-pilot interaction using AI based audio enhancements with its X10 voice communication system,” says Gerald Mohnl, Director ATM Communication. “Augmented Hearing are revolutionising communication by enhancing speech comprehension in noisy environments, and it is a pleasure to work with them on such an important project.”

For decades, air traffic controllers have adeptly managed their responsibilities despite voice quality challenges in ATC radio calls, learning to work with significant noise exposure as part of their job. Frequentis now intends to revolutionise the audio quality of voice communications, reducing controller workload, by using the AI-based software module from Augmented Hearing to enhance speech information in ATC communications.

The AI-based audio enhancement from Augmented Hearing is already improving critical communication environments within Danish public safety organisations. The AI module is trained to suppress noise and works offline and on premises, while ensuring full reliability and GDPR compliance.

“We are thrilled to be working with Frequentis on a solution to enhance aviation audio. Our Sharpi software is developed based on decades of experience in the hearing aid industry and is already used in safety critical communication environments in Denmark. We are happy to embark on the journey with Frequentis to bring the benefits of improved audio quality for reduced controller workload to the air traffic management market,” says Mette Carstensen, CEO Augmented Hearing.

Augmented Hearing aims to harness AI to create software solutions that not only improve hearing but enrich lives – fostering effective, effortless communication for everyone. With over 50 years’ experience in the Danish hearing and audio industry, Augmented Hearing brings unique insights into market.

Frequentis and Augmented Hearing will be at Airspace World, Geneva, March 19-21 presenting the results of combined capabilities, set to launch a new generation of voice quality for control towers and centres.