CANSO and Infina sign a partnership offering virtual training to the aviation community

CANSO and Infina have partnered to offer worldwide training courses to the aviation community.  

Through a partnership signed during Airspace World 2023, CANSO and Infina agreed to be delivering cost-effective technical and management micro-learning and mixed media courses, virtually to the global aviation community.  

Infina adapted its courses to ICAO requirements and industry instructional design standards, tested with audiences in the U.S.A and its territories, and modified the content to benefit CANSO member countries and stakeholders globally.  

The technical and management courses are formatted for computer-based learning and include micro-learning modules that, reinforced over time, help to retain knowledge. The courseware is designed to be delivered on multiple platforms suitable for live-streaming, video, PowerPoint, and in-person classroom-style delivery.   

CANSO and Infina will start with ten micro-learning courses reflecting a mix of short learning videos and modules, concentrating on emergencies and human factors for ATCOs. These topics are based on safety data analyzed by air traffic control experts and Infina’s safety experts. The ten micro-learning courses are offered in English and Spanish. CANSO and Infina will add additional languages as requested by CANSO member ANSPs.  

“We are excited to enter this unique partnership with Infina, which fits with CANSO’s priorities and provides added value to CANSO membership. As aviation is an industry that never sleeps, the micro-learning virtual courses will be available 24/7. They cover vital material and deliver on-time information on various key air navigation topics,” commented CANSO DG Simon Hocquard during the signing ceremony.  

“We are proud to partner with CANSO to bring critical safety training to global members. There is no higher priority in air traffic control than the safety of flight. Our values match CANSO’s vision to provide safe and efficient air navigation services. Together we will promote best practices within ATC.” as Sue Meeks, President of Infina, stated.