Azans to fully digitise its aeronautical information 

Confirming AZANS leadership in the digital transition of aeronautical information initiative, the Air Navigation Service Provider of Azerbaijan enters into cooperation with NG AVIATION to deliver its latest New Generation Aeronautical Information Management Environment with the goal of making digital aeronautical information available to all aviation stakeholders.

The close collaboration between AZANS and NG Aviation will result in the availability of real-time digital aeronautical data sets that will include airports, instrument flight procedures, obstacles, and airspaces, all available in native AIXM 5.1 and fully compliant with the latest ICAO Annex 15 recommendations. 

“Digitalization has great importance in providing broad opportunities for airspace management, enhancing flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. I am confident that we will get there in our cooperation with NG Aviation,” explained Mr. Farhan Guliyev, Director of AZANS, following the official signing of the contract agreement. 

Executive Director of NG Aviation, Marek Franko emphasized: “AZANS must be seen as a real pioneer in digital transition of aeronautical information management. With a clear vision, AZANS will reach full digital data potential, while having all aeronautical data in a single format, free from errors, will benefit all aviation stakeholders in and out of the country. I believe AZANS will be an example of how AIS to AIM should be done. I am very pleased we can be part of this process.”

AZANS decision to cooperate with NG Aviation shall result in the first-ever comprehensive database of native AIXM 5.1 digital aeronautical information available to the aviation industry, paving the way the most progressive, data-driven Air Navigation Service Provider in the region and beyond.