Atech highlights ATM innovations at Airspace World 2024

Atech, an Embraer Group company, will present its latest airspace management and control innovations at Airspace World 2024, which takes place between March 19 and 21 in Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization), the event is one of the most important in the world for air navigation.

Atech, part of the Embraer Group, will present the latest innovations from its portfolio of solutions for airspace management and control at the event held by CANSO in Geneva

At its stand in the F22 area of Airspace World 2024, Atech will highlight the ATM products (Makron family), a set of solutions for airspace management and control. Among the novelties, the company will present its latest success case: the Single Air Traffic Management Platform (SingleATM Platform), which is in development in partnership with CISCEA (Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Air Space Control System).

The SingleATM Platform is an HW and SW structure to host ATM systems based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), sustained by five pillars: capacity, efficiency, operational environment, operational security, and software security. This platform aims to reduce expansion, integration, and maintenance costs and increase interoperability among ATM systems. Furthermore, it aims to reduce development/testing costs, provide the same visual identity for the hosted systems, and provide greater availability/resilience. Finally, the SingleATM Platform will be responsible for increasing the level of ATM systems cybersecurity, adhering to international standards. This SingleATM Platform can be hosted on on-premises hardware or a private or public cloud.

“The  SingleATM Platform enables the reduction of costs related to expansion, integration, acquisition, and maintenance, also increasing interoperability among systems and enhancing the cybersecurity level of hosted systems, according to international security practices required for critical systems,” said Marcos Resende, ATM Business Director at Atech.

He emphasizes that this platform is being developed innovatively and customized to meet the demand of DECEA (Department of Airspace Control), the Brazilian ANSP. for integration and modernization of the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB) programs. In addition, the SingleATM Platform will also be suitable for any ANSP in the world.

In Brazil, Atech maintains a long-standing strategic partnership with the DECEA. The company is responsible for the development and updates of the main Brazilian air traffic management systems, such as ATC system SAGITARIO, ATFM system SIGMA, ATC Simulator PLATAO, SWIM Platform AQUILA, AMHS, among others.

ATC System as a service

Another case that will be highlighted by Atech during Airspace World 2024 will be ATMAS (ATM Automation System), is the “ATC as a service” model, where the air traffic management system is made available to the ANSP (Air Navigation System Provider) without the need of the ANSP to acquire hardware or support infrastructure. In this model, in addition to deployment, Atech is also responsible for support, technical assistance, and all necessary hardware and system repairs at no additional cost to the customer, who pays for a subscription during the contractual period.

“The implementation of ATMAS can be a good strategy for ANSPs, and the SaaS approach can generate significant gains not only financially but also in the customization of the solution. With consolidated experience in ATM projects, Atech has also been leading these new approaches, contributing to the modernization, security, and efficiency of Air Traffic Services (ATS),” explains Marcos Resende.

Atech will also take advantage of the event to present the cybersecurity concepts that have been integrated into its ATM product portfolio, which follows global cybersecurity standards. The application of these concepts in the ATM ecosystem has become increasingly important due to its growing connection to the worldwide network.

In the field of research and development, Atech will present the results of its latest research in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to ATM, such as “Analysis of Air Traffic Operational Performance through Flight Trajectory Data” and “Complexity Classification of Airspace Sector,” among others.

International Presence

In addition to leading technological advances in ATM in Brazil, Atech has a strong presence in the international market, with its technologies and systems being used in Latin America, Africa, and India. Among the products in the global market are Skyflow (ATFM) and Leo (IFPS) products in India, both adapted to the country’s specific needs and in compliance with Eurocontrol standards.

ATFM SKYFLOW Cloud, an air traffic flow management system developed for cloud platforms, is also one of the highlights of the portfolio that will be presented at Airspace World 2024. The cloud-based ATFM SKYFLOW system allows ANSPs to access the full set of ATFM functionalities, as preconized by ICAO, with reduced investment and maintenance costs.

ATM Portfolio Makron

Atech supplies a complete set of Air Traffic Management solutions that allow the ANSPs to provide air navigation services from takeoff to landing, gate-to-gate, offering maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency. The Makron portfolio of ATM products is as follows:

SKYFLOW (ATFM): Designed to compute the demand and capacity balance of the airspace based on the regulated elements. The CDM environment (Collaboration Decision Making), allows stakeholders to plan the balance of the airspace strategically, as well as during the pre-tactical and tactical phases, where TMI (Traffic Measurement Initiatives) can be applied to keep the balance of the airspace.

SAGITARIO (ATC): It is a modern and integrated ATC solution that provides a set of operational tools for air traffic controllers to support their decision-making processes. The system delivers accurate situational awareness sourced from multiple types of sensors, flight plans, and weather information to provide comprehensive situational awareness to ATCO.

PLATAO (ATC SIMULATOR): A simulator system that supports training and simulations for air traffic controllers. It allows the instructor to explore as many different operational scenarios as possible, making the trainees more experienced in real situations.

LEO (IFPS): This Initial Flight Plan System was developed to centralize, process, and distribute the flight plans to the stakeholders involved. It can be integrated into the eFPL JANUS app, a flight plan filling application for mobile devices, which eliminates errors and increases the security and agility of flight planning submission.

JANUS (AMHS): Based on robust and clustered technology, it provides messaging uninterruptible services for multiple interconnected subscribers. Based on a friendly interface, the User Agents can send/receive several types of ATS messages based on pre-formatted forms.

COSMOS (R-AFIS): It offers resources specifically designed to provide flight information services as an AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) for aerodromes at remote locations, optimizing the use of specialized operational personnel.

COSMOS (R-AFIS): It offers resources specifically designed to provide flight information services as an AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) for aerodromes at remote locations, optimizing the use of specialized operational personnel.

AURA (OPMET): It is a repository of meteorological information in which agents periodically report the meteorological conditions of a given area, which can be retrieved by general aviation and airlines.

AQUILA (SWIM): It is a platform to provide interoperability among different ATM Systems, harmonizing the information for different stakeholders, by using international standards for publishing and consuming information.