ANSL and Databeacon first with launch of innovative flight information display system

8th March, 2023: Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) and DataBeacon are today launching SimpliFID – the first ever affordable, low-complexity Flight Information Display (FID) solution available to the air traffic control and airport market.

SimpliFID is a highly accessible, cost-effective alternative to the implementation of a surveillance data processing system (SDPS) and radar. Utilising Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) as a flexible and low-cost source of data to populate a display, the system offers a user-friendly interface which is familiar to Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officers (AFISO) and Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO).

SimpliFID gives AFISOs and ATCOs increased visibility of their airspace to inform users, building on the processing capability of DataBeacon’s Victor5 platform. In addition to raw ADS-B data, SimpliFID will support standard surveillance data (in ASTERIX format) to ensure that other operational and existing data sources can also be displayed.

What sets this solution apart from others in the market is the combination of both the technical and regulatory assurance aspects, providing a seamless integration into the operational environment. Thanks to the leading-edge technical development combined with the comprehensive expertise of an Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), SimpliFID comes with the required safety assurance and readiness for regulatory approval, making the integration into the Air Traffic Management (ATM) environment smooth and efficient.

DataBeacon and ANSL predict that SimpliFID will be a compelling solution for the provision of a situational awareness display for AFIS and ATC units that do not have access to surveillance information, or as a contingency for normal radar surveillance systems, both at a fraction of the cost of a conventional SDPS. SimpliFID could also be used at airports where commercial activity and development plans may require a FID solution to underpin their safety case for the introduction of new operators, including unmanned air vehicles, or flight procedures.

David Perez, CEO of DataBeacon, says: “Like all disruptive innovations, data-driven technologies are distinguished by their capacity to introduce features or products that are essentially distinct from what has been seen before. The introduction of these services results in the creation of new markets and reconfiguration of the existing one. SimpliFID will make operations safer, and we are immensely proud of it.”

Damon Knight, Innovation Lead at ANSL, says: “For too long, many aerodromes have relied on limited air traffic control surveillance capabilities and with the launch of SimpliFID, the industry now has easy access to an affordable and transformational solution.

“ANSL’s regulatory track record as an air traffic management provider delivers assurance and enables seamless integration within the airport and air traffic control infrastructure. Combining this with DataBeacon’s specialist technical expertise has enabled us to collectively create a platform that will benefit flight information service officers, air traffic controllers and airspace users from an operational perspective, while providing the first ever FID solution available in the market to meet UK regulatory requirements.”

The collaboration between ANSL and DataBeacon was developed following a change in UK regulations which now permit the use of non-traditional surveillance in an air traffic environment. This relatively new UK regulation allows ADS-B data to be used by AFISOs, which is of additional benefit to aerodrome and airspace safety and eliminates the need for cost intensive conventional radar and processing solutions.

The change in UK CAA regulation means that AFIS and ATC units are now able to utilise these technologies. This enhances the information that is provided to aircraft flying in the vicinity of aerodromes through the display of an integrated, co-operative, real time air picture.

ANSL adds: “SimpliFID enhances Flight Information Service and ATC procedural service operations. It cannot currently be used for providing ATC approach surveillance services, however, we are ready and prepared to further progress the solution and deliver wider
capabilities as the regulatory environment continues to evolve.”

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