VIBE System


All-in-one System developed by ATCOs for ATCOs.

System modules: 

  • Briefing module - tool for strategical ATCOs briefing;
  • Advanced NOTAM distribution among ATCOs;
  • Roster - automated Monthly Roster with the Daily Roster (position and sector planning) for Supervisors;
  • Competency management for ATCOs- advanced management of operational authorization, language, medical. Advanced warning system for license status changes;
  • Competency management for ATSEP;
  • Training Organization - UTP and UCS training organization, annual training planning, simulator and classroom roster, advanced documentation distribution, questionnaires.

The system has been operational in ANSPs since 2014 and has 0 hours of downtime.

Product Categories

  • HR/Staff Rostering
  • Human Factors
  • Software
  • Others