Skykraft delivers comprehensive

surveillance & VHF communications, enabled by space.

  • Designed and built solely for aviation with >99.9997% availability.
  • Unprecedented performance levels & robustness driven by highly redundant architecture.
  • Independent measurement & verification of aircraft position (min 4 satellites coverage), even with total GNSS failure.
  • Supports more efficient airspace management to meet the aviation industry’s net zero targets.
  • Evergreen system; with continuous in-orbit replenishment & replacement.
  • Integrated system testing complete 2024.

Live with global coverage from 2025.

Meet the Skykraft team at Booth H21 to discover the future of ATM & our world-leading capabilities. 

Product Categories

  • Communications
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Satellite Navigation Networks
  • Aeronautical Management Systems