Speaker Bio

Zheng Tao

AirSpace Innovation

Co-founder and President

: Zheng Tao has over 15 years of history working with the space and aviation community, the FAA, and the DoD to integrate space launches and reentries and new entrants into the NAS. He co-founded AirSpace Innovation and serves as its President to help commercial and government clients integrate new entrants into their airspace through concept exploration, prototyping, and acquisition planning. Zheng brings broad knowledge of global ATM operations, systems, and infrastructure from surface to space; and succeeded in roles as a Principal Investigator, Program Manager, Product Manager, and Systems Engineer at the MITRE Corporation, Saab, Bigelow Aerospace, and as a FAA Technical Support Contractor. He also chairs ASTM’s Commercial Spaceflight’s Standards Roadmap and has led ATM modernization roadmap projects in the APAC region. He holds two master’s degrees: one in Systems Engineering and the other in Electrical/Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. Zheng enjoys travelling, staying up to date about technology, and diving.