Speaker Bio

Vassilis Agouridas

UIC2 - Urban-air-mobility Initiative Cities Community

Leader of the UIC2

Dr Vassilis AGOURIDAS is the Leader of the UIC2 (Urban Air Mobility Initiative Cities Community) established in October 2017 within the EU’s Smart Cities Marketplace. Since September 2022, UIC2 has been the UAM Thematic Cluster of the EUs CIVITAS Initiative. Vassilis has led the development, by UIC2, of the EU’s Urban Mobility Observatory publication on Urban Air Mobility and Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUMP-UAM, Practitioner Briefing). Vassilis is representing UIC2 as a Member of the recently formed Advanced Air Mobility Study Group by ICAO (the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation).
Dr Agouridas is Head of the EU Public Co-Creation & Ecosystem Outreach activities at AIRBUS (Urban Mobility). Vassilis has been with Airbus for 15 years, holding positions in Strategic Innovation and Corporate Development across Airbus’s Divisions. He is former Chairman of the UAM Committee of ASD Europe (the Aerospace, Security & Defence Industries Association of Europe) and has been external team leader for the European Commission’s Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the topic/article of multilevel governance in EU’s drones regulatory framework (EU) 2021/664.