Speaker Bio

Valeria Villanova

: CINEA (Climate Infrastructure & Environment Executive Agency)

SESAR Project Management Coordinator

Valeria Villanova joined the ATM Team at CINEA (the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) in 2022. As SESAR Project Management Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating all the CEF funded projects implemented by SESAR Deployment Manager and its partners. She contributes to CINEA’s mission which is to support stakeholders in delivering the European Green Deal through high-quality programme management that helps to implement projects contributing to decarbonisation and sustainable growth.
Before joining CINEA, Valeria built her career as a management consultant, specialising over the years in EU project and programme management. Working as a manager for the consultancy company ‘BIP Belgium’, she was involved as a focal point in projects with several EU Executive Agencies and, as of 2018, provided support to the SESAR Deployment Manager in its role as Coordinator.