Speaker Bio

Sugoon Fucharoen


Executive ATM Network Officer

Sugoon Fucharoen, or Kin, is an ATFM specialist at AEROTHAI who has been involved in both national and regional ATFM development for almost ten years. His responsibilities include ATFM strategies, procedure development, software design, and post-operations analysis. He has also been co-leading the Asia-Pacific Cross-Border Multi-Nodal ATFM Collaboration, the regional ATFM implementation project in the APAC region, since its early days.

Kin also serves as a co-chair of the CANSO ATFM/A-CDM Workgroup and has coordinated several webinars and guidance materials in ATFM and A-CDM in that role, including the development of the recently published special events and disruption planning guide, on which the topic of this session is based.