Speaker Bio

Stuart Ratcliffe


Product Manager AireonFLOW

Stuart Ratcliffe is a Product Manager for AireonFLOW and a subject matter expert on ATFM/CDM for AIREON. Prior to the current role, he has served for more than 45 years in the ATM industry, including 25 years as an ATCO and more than 20 years in the area of ATFM/CDM. He has supported ATFM/CDM implementation in the USA, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and is involved in the revision of the ICAO Manual on Collaborative ATFM (Doc 9971).

Stuart also co-chairs the CANSO ATFM/A-CDM Workgroup, where he was monumental in the development of several guidance documents including Implementing ATFM/CDM, ATFM/A-CDM Integration, and Long-Range ATFM Concept White Paper.