Speaker Bio

Scott Loder

CATCA (Canadian Air Traffic Control Association)


Scott Loder, Executive Vice-President of CATCA (Canadian Air Traffic Control Association) was appointed August of 2020, and dually serves as the Chief Financial Officer. In his role, he is responsible for oversight of National Office communications, implementing greater efficiencies in operations while being accountable for financial performance, capital allocation, controllership, investor relations, tax, treasure, corporate strategy, company real estate and strategic business development. Recently, in 2023, Scott was an integral part of successful Collective Agreement negotiations.
During his twenty-four career as a Canadian Air Traffic Controller, Scott was awarded a supervisor role in 2005, then served as Local ACC Branch Council for fourteen years, Branch Steward for five years, Branch Secretary for four years, Branch Chair for five years, and in 2017, the Executive Board appointed him to the Board of Trustees.
Scott dedicates himself to the welfare of Canadian Air Traffic Control, CATCA and its Membership, and building relationships with industry peers and governing bodies.