Speaker Bio

Ricardo Martínez González

Empresa Cubana de Navegación Aérea (ECNA)

Operations Manager

Graduated in september 1989 as an air traffic controller, from 1990 to 1993 worked as an aerodrome controller at three airports in Cuba, among them the José Martí Intl. in the city of Havana, which is the main airport in the country. At the end of 1993, after receiving a training course in Mexico, started working as a controller at the Havana Área Control Centre, in which transited from the category of Assistant, to Área by procedures, Área by surveillance and finally, Terminal by surveillance.
From the year 2000 combined its controller duties with safety management, participating in investigations of events and incidents and also receivied several training courses in Mexico and Malaysia. Already in 2010, started working as an ATM specialist for the ANSP, been promoted in 2015 to senior ATM specialist. In July 2017, once ECNA was created, was appointed as Operations Manager, which is its current responsibility.
Have been member of task forces and working groups for ICAO as the PoC for the GTE working group from 2012 to 2018, ATFM and PBN groups from 2016 to 2018 and also for CANSO as the ANSP PoC for the CADENA group since its foundation in Havana City.