Speaker Bio

Philip Bobson Trye

Roberts Flight Information Region

Chief of Air Traffic Services

My name is Philip Bobson Trye, my parents were mere peasants that struggled to see me through primary and secondary school education.
After completing my high school education, I joined the Sierra Leone Airport Authority as an aviation security.

In 2002, I enrolled with the Aviation Training Academy, Air Traffic & Navigation Services (ATNS), South Africa.
Presently, I’m a senior student pursing my Bachelor in Business Management at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) of Liberia.

Currently, I am the Chief of Air Traffic Services for the Roberts Flight Information Region, where I’m focused on managing the ATS operations and liaising with key stake holders such as the CAAs, ICAO, AFCAC, IATA, etc.

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning everything there is to know about the Air Navigation Services Provision, and my experience gives me the advantage in the discharge of my duties as Chief of ATS for the Roberts FIR.

I’ve held a number of roles, from Aviation Security to Operational Controller but my latest challenge has been helping the Roberts FIR improve in safety and facilitation with sister organizations through my contributions as the Chief of ATS.

I am presently residing in Liberia where the Roberts FIR headquarters and ACC is located.