Speaker Bio

Maria Algar Ruiz


Drones Programme Manager

Master degree in Aerospace Engineering graduated in ETSIA (Madrid) Madrid and in ENSICA (Toulouse). Post-graduated Master degree in fluid dynamics at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium. Started professional carrier in ITP (ES) working in the EUROFIGHTER’s EJ200 engines. Then she worked as project engineer in CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva) in Geneva. Employed by Airbus as propulsion systems specialist at the Airbus Customer Support Engineering. Seconded by Airbus to JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) as technical assistant to the Operations Director. Joined EASA in 2006 as Rulemaking Officer for aircraft operation and CNS aspects. In 2008 she joined the ATM/ANS department. She has had several positions in the department including EASA SESAR Coordinator and lately acting Section Manager of the ATM/ANS Regulations Section within the Flight Standards Directorate and UTM-SESAR coordinator at EASA’s Innovation Cell within the Executive Directorate. Since the beginning of 2019, she is the EASA Drones Programme Manager within the Executive Directorate and reporting directly to EASA’s Executive Director.