Speaker Bio

Katrina Hall


Deputy Chief Operating Officer NAS Programs and Support

Katrina Hall is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for NAS Programs and Support. Ms. Hall oversees and provides guidance to the Program Management Organization, Mission Support Services, Safety and Technical Training, and Management Services of the Air Traffic Organization (ATO).

She oversees the framework of these organizations; harmonizes support of the operation; assures modernization of NAS operations; directs the establishment of policies, standards, and procedures; realigns programs and priorities; optimizes hiring and placement efforts; and leads the ATO’s budget and program activities.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Hall served as the Deputy Vice President of Technical Operations. As Deputy Vice President of Technical Operations, Ms. Hall was responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient National Airspace System (NAS) by effectively managing air navigation services and infrastructure. Previously she served as the Director of Capital Budgets within the Office of Budgets and Programs, Office of Finance and Management.

Her division was responsible for: (1) establishing short and long-term capital and research program financial plans for the ATO to support acquisition goals, (2) establishing reviews, priorities, and reports on NAS requirements, investments, reprograms, schedules, and performance baselines and (3) providing analysis and responses to inquiries from the FAA CFO, the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, the Office of Management and Budget, Congress and others.

Ms. Hall also served as the Director, Investment Planning and Analysis. The Office of Investment Planning & Analysis supports strategic investment decision-making at the FAA by ensuring major capital investments are supported by robust business cases.

Ms. Hall began her federal government career with the Department of Defense as an operations research analyst for the Navy. She has more than 30 years of acquisition, financial, and business case analysis experience on large-scale government procurements. Ms. Hall holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Morgan State University. She is also a graduate of the Federal Executive Institutes Leadership for a Democratic Society.