Speaker Bio

Cheryl Yen-Chun Chen

IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations)

Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific Region

Ms Cheryl Chen is a tower-rated air traffic controller and has worked at Taipei and SongShang Control Tower before being repositioned as a safety officer for Air Navigation and Weather Services, the ANSP in Taiwan.
She is currently undergoing her radar training at Taipei Enroute Control Center.
She has been actively involved with IFATCA’s regional events and has been passionately advocating for gender equity in aviation.
She also helped initiate the IFATCA Speaking English Program, which is now widely utilized by many pilots and ATCs to keep up their aviation English speaking ability.
Cheryl was elected as IFATCA North Asia regional vice president in 2019, and later on took up the role as IFATCA EVP for Asia Pacific Region from 2021.
Before joining the aviation industry, she received her academic training in social psychology and sociology from the University of Cambridge, which led to her keen interest in human performance and safety.