Sharing the Dallas Skies


Wednesday 20 March

2:00pm - 2:25pm


Wing Theatre


Session Overview

Momentum is building for scaled drone operations globally, with regulatory and commercial progress making mainstream headlines. Understanding the need to share airspace amongst scaled operations and leveraging the applicable standards, seven operators have engaged in a project to operationalize strategic conflict detection in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These include DroneUp, Flytrex, Manna, Prime Air, UPS Flight Forward, Wing, Zipline, and ANRA as a service provider. The project is managed by the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and supported by contributions from GUTMA and the InterUSS Platform. In this session, early results from the simulation phase, achieved through a realistic day-in-the-life of commercial operations, as well as the governance structure and alignment with standards behind this data, will be shared and discussed. Join operator and service provider representatives of the project for this update.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

Unleashing the Potential of Drones