May Virtual Tower Operations become real!


Thursday 21 March

12:30pm - 12:55pm


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

Remote Towers are in operations and Remote Tower Centers (RTC) becoming more and more. ATCOs are not bound anymore to the airport location they provide ATC for but you can bunch them in RTCs and thus create a lot of synergies and other beneficial side effects. But, think about having the complete controller working position including out-the-window view and all other needed CNS system in a virtual environment. Not in cave but in wireless state of the art virtual reality glasses. You are not even bound to an RTC. You can do ATC wherever the glasses are or wherever you have internet access. Apart from Germany (I am kidding) almost all over the world! You can do the night traffic from Melbourne from Geneva at day time. You can control the only flight at night from home avoiding to ride to the ATC tower at your airport in the middle o the night. You can call for an assistance ATCO during an emergency. And you do not care anymore about hardware maintenance because apart from the glasses there is no CWP hardware anymore. How far are we right this way? By this talk we introduce a prototype to you and want to discuss this scenario with you!

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Innovation and Digital Transformation in ATM